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Looking for an accounting firm to take your business to is a challenging task, and one that every business and individual who needs assistance should consider very carefully. There are hundreds of accounting firms in the state of Florida, and a lot in the Tampa Bay area. Now, before you go out and look at other accounting firms, which we definitely recommend you do, we suggest that you consider the merits of any company with whom you are going to entrust your money. Some accounting firms are much better than others, just like your local politicians might be in need of some improvement in order for you to trust them with your own policy making.

Take this example: You have certainly heard of Price Waterhouse Cooper, right? This is one of the biggest firms in the world, and deservedly so. Now, what makes their reputation so big? Could it be their service, the quality of employees they hire, or could it be the condition in which they operate? All of these are factors in their success and huge abilities. Now, when you are thinking about what accounting firm to give your business to, you really should interview them. Find out about them. Find out where they get their accountants from, and what sort of clientele they service, because these are indicators to the success of their business and how your own will be treated.

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Are you looking for that special accounting firm that is not too big and not too small? You want someone that you can develop a long-term relationship with and someone who you know has your back. If the firm is huge, you can easily get lost in the shuffle. Too small and the firm may not make the distance. So check out the pros and cons of each firm and if you can talk to their clients for a true picture of the firm.

At Macy, CPA, we’ll give you as much information you need about our services, clients and success stories so that you can make the choice that’s right for you.

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