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Florida has some very specific accounting requirements for associations. We ensure that your association complies with these requirements. We also provide ongoing guidance for your board of directors in developing annual budgets and resolving owner issues. We attend board meetings and annual owner meetings as requested.

Whether you are a franchisee or franchisor, you have additional reporting requirements over and above regular businesses. Franchisors are generally required to provide audited financial statements with their Uniform Franchising Offering Circular (UFOC). We reduce your audit fees with accounting records that auditors like to work with. Franchisees are required to report statistics that support the required royalty payments and shared advertising costs. We assist you in ensuring that your records provide you with information required by the franchisor.

With today’s managed care approach to receiving payments for your health care services, billing processes, budget controls, cost constraints, and sound business plans are the keys to your financial success. We work with you and your staff to allow you the time to provide your particular health care service – what you do best.

Your industry has become very competitive, and you constantly need to be looking for new revenue sources as companies continue to redefine their relationships with their agents. Our firm can be a resource for you as you evolve your agency’s products and services.

Each machine shop is unique in its capabilities, many times as a result of their machine and tooling limitations or their intended uses. We work with you to keep you focused on the operations that are most profitable to you. Your capital-intensive operations require proper structuring of your lending needs. We assist you by working with your lending sources to minimize your cash requirements in this area.

We provide gross margin maintenance, ensuring that all manufacturing costs are accounted for properly. This ensures that pricing of your products is adequate to achieve your success. Inventory controls, systems, and procedures are essential process components. We work with you to identify potential improvements to your systems and review your pricing so that maximum profits can be achieved.

Each profession has its own unique licensing requirements and revenue sources. We work with you to ensure that your time and billing records and pricing of your services are creating the revenues that your profession deserves.

We work with licensed brokers, agents, property managers, and developers. Each area of unique needs is identified and assistance is provided, if necessary, so that you can maximize your profit potential.

Inventory controls, marketing, and cash controls are essential to operating a successful retail business. Retailing is time-intensive, especially for the small-to-medium-sized owner operations. We provide assistance with accounting and coaching so that you can reduce your time requirements and have a life outside of your business.

We are in a service industry ourselves and know the importance of timely service and customer goodwill. Most importantly, service today really means you are in the “people business.” Allow us the opportunity to share our knowledge with you.

Inventory maintenance, accounts receivable collection and controls, and fast delivery times to your customers require good systems, reports, and procedures to ensure maintenance of these areas for maximum profitability. We assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses to keep your operations in focus.

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